Machineable Mail Standards Updated

New changes are in place for Machineable Mail for Standard Size pieces as of July 9, 2014.

Canada Post have their new equipment installed at all processing plants across the country, with Vancouver having opened this spring. The effect has been to relax the requirement for envelope and mail piece design.

There will now be fewer mandatory requirements and a new set of best practices for optimal processing, including:

  • fewer restrictions on where you can place graphics on the mail piece
  • less room reserved for the postage meter impression or indicia
  • a larger area for the destination address
  • more font choices for the destination address

As usual we are keeping up with all of the changes. Call us at 250-384-POST (7678) to help you with your mail piece design.

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Aristos Mail Tech is Growing!

We are proud to announce that Aristos Mail Tech Inc. acquired Northleaf Solutions in May. Northleaf are North Island direct mail specialists and we are eager to continue their great work and fantastic service moving forward. We have consolidated operations at our Victoria plant.

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Lettermail (First Class) Postage Rates Increase Significantly

Today (March 31, 2014) Canada Post costs for Lettermail are increasing. In addition tiered pricing has been introduced. This means how you pay for postage now makes a difference to the price.

The changes affect rates to Canada, US, and International destinations. We will use as an example a standard envelope that weighs less than 30 grams sent to Canadian addresses.

1. If you purchase a single stamp the price will be $1.00
2. If you purchase a book or coil of Permanent (“P”) stamps the price will be 85¢
3. If you pay by postage meter impression or postal indicia the price will be 75¢

After the announcement of the increase Canada Post introduced temporary postal discounts for 2014. If you have a Venture One card you will be eligible for reduced pricing on bulk stamp purchases. Until December 31, 2014 when you buy 3 or more coils of 100 Permanent (“P”) stamps you will save 5% on your purchase. If you own a postage meter there will be a 5% discount on the first $5000 in postage that you spend between now and December 31, 2014. There is no information at present on how this will be credited back to meter owners.

In general all of the other Lettermail prices have gone up but there are just two categories of pricing: one if you put a stamp on the envelope and the other, cheaper alternative of metering the mail or using a postal indicia. We’ve posted links to the new price sheets at

To offset these increasses Canada Post has relaxed some of the rules allowing access to cheaper postage rates (see our blog post from March 26, 2014). We can help you access postage as low as 40¢.

These changes do not affect Addressed Admail, Unaddressed Admail, or Publications Mail as their price adjustments took place in January. When compared to Lettermail they are now even more of a cost savings!

If you want to save time/money when dealing with the post office give us a call and put our nearly 25 years of experience to use.

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New Canada Post Volume Requirements = Cheaper Postage

As of March 31, 2014 Canada Post will reduce the minimum volume requirements for both Incentive Lettermail and Addressed Admail.

Lettermail is material that cannot be mailed at promotional rates, such as statements and invoices. In the past volumes of over 5,000 pieces were required to access lower postage rates. The new threshold will be 1,000 pieces and the price will be 70¢ – 17.6% less than the new single piece rate (85¢).

Addressed Admail is promotional material such as sale notices or fundraising. The threshold for this type of mail is being reduced from 1,000 pieces to just 500. This will help small businesses and charities reduce their postage costs from 49.4% up to 62.5% compared to the new single piece rate.

The only “catch” is that both of these types of mail will have to meet Canada Post Machineable standards. This means the piece will have to be designed so that the address is clearly recognizable by a machine for best processing. If the machine doesn’t read an address, a surcharge may apply – but you’ll never pay more than the regular single piece rate.

We can help you navigate the new rules and prices that come into effect March 31, 2014. Please call us and see how we can help ensure you pay the lowest postage possible on your outbound mail.

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We are Expert Partners!

We are pleased to announce that we have been renewed as Canada Post Expert Partners for 2014!

This is a program we were accepted into last year – you may have noticed the Expert Partner logo showing up on the website and in our emails. The Partner Program is a collaboration between Canada Post and Mail Service Providers and has allowed us to streamline our communications and help serve our customers better. We can set up Canada Post accounts for our customers without the need of intermediaries, we benefit from enhanced training from Canada Post, and we get to participate in an exchange of ideas with the best and most successful Mail Service Providers in Canada.

We are proud to be one of only 42 Expert Partners across Canada. It shows our commitment to quality and we feel it is a reflection of our high standards.

Give us a call and let us put our Expertise to work for you!


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Lettermail Pricing Stays the Same (for now)

Every year at this time Canada Post implements increases to the postal rates. For a First Class letter at full price they have delayed the increase until March 31, 2014 and at that time the rates will go up significantly.

For now, you can send a standard letter that weighs less than 30 grams for the same price as last year – 63¢.

Starting March 31, purchasing individual stamps will cost a whopping $1.00 – but buying stamps in bulk will only cost 85¢. Even better, paying for your mail with a meter machine or postal indicia will drop that cost even further to 75¢.

If your company sends out a volume of monthly, weekly, or even daily mail we can help keep it looking uniformly professional. After March 31, we can even save you money in the process!

Feel free to call us if you have any questions about your Direct Mail.

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Postal Rates Up! Postal Rates Down!

New Canada Post rates come into effect on January 14, 2013.  Lettermail has gone from 61¢ to 63¢ an increase of 3.3%.  Other increases are in the same order with Addressed Admail increasing 2.6% to 4.2%

Unadddressed Admail prices have stayed the same for 2013 with the added bonus of no surcharges for high demand routes.  This results in a saving of 8.7% to mail to some routes.



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