New Canada Post Volume Requirements = Cheaper Postage

As of March 31, 2014 Canada Post will reduce the minimum volume requirements for both Incentive Lettermail and Addressed Admail.

Lettermail is material that cannot be mailed at promotional rates, such as statements and invoices. In the past volumes of over 5,000 pieces were required to access lower postage rates. The new threshold will be 1,000 pieces and the price will be 70¢ – 17.6% less than the new single piece rate (85¢).

Addressed Admail is promotional material such as sale notices or fundraising. The threshold for this type of mail is being reduced from 1,000 pieces to just 500. This will help small businesses and charities reduce their postage costs from 49.4% up to 62.5% compared to the new single piece rate.

The only “catch” is that both of these types of mail will have to meet Canada Post Machineable standards. This means the piece will have to be designed so that the address is clearly recognizable by a machine for best processing. If the machine doesn’t read an address, a surcharge may apply – but you’ll never pay more than the regular single piece rate.

We can help you navigate the new rules and prices that come into effect March 31, 2014. Please call us and see how we can help ensure you pay the lowest postage possible on your outbound mail.

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