New Unaddressed Admail Volume Discounts

Canada Post has reorganised their Venture One program and change the name to Solutions for Small Business. As part of this new program, a new discount structure has been added for Unaddressed Admail.

Canada Post will now track your volumes on a quarterly basis, and automatically apply increasing discounts when you pass certain thresholds. You don’t need to do anything but send out Unaddressed Admail to benefit. You even start with a 5% discount just for being a customer! Even better, once you’ve reached a higher discount level it will be locked in for 12 months.

These discounts make being a Small Business customer much more attractive, and represent a great savings without needing to commit to the large yearly volumes of a contract rate.

Here is how it breaks down for a standard size Unaddressed piece:

Single Piece Rate        15.8¢
5% Discount                 15.0¢            0 to 35,000 pieces in a 12 month period
10% Discount               14.2¢            35,001 to 60,000 pieces in a 12 month period
15% Discount               13.4¢            More than 60,000 pieces in a 12 month period

All you need to access these savings is a Canada Post account number. If you don’t already have one, call us today at 250-384-7678 and, as an Expert Partner with Canada Post, we can get you one in 5 minutes.

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