Can we get reduced rate postage for our mailing project?

If you have promotional material we can generally save from 37.3% to 63.9% when compared to lettermail (first class) postage rates. With a publication the savings range from 53.5% to 66.7%. High volumes of lettermail are eligible for reduced rates as well. We utilize Canada Post approved software to determine the least cost options.

Can you provide a list for our mailing?

No we don’t provide lists directly. We can get you in touch with list companies or work with you to find a list to suit your specific needs.

Can you merge/purge/dupe-eliminate my database?

Yes. We can combine files, remove names and eliminate duplicates based on a number of criteria.

Could you help us with printing of our mailing material?

Yes. We do not do offset printing ourselves but we work with many great printers to meet your specifications. Our expertise is in variable data printing of letters, newsletters and postcards.

Do you print variable data? 

Yes. We do variable printing in colour or black ink.

Do you do polybag mailing?

Yes. We can polybag material up to 20 mm in thickness.

What size can my mailing piece be for the most economical pricing? 

This question has many different answers based on content and volume so we recommend contacting us prior to design so that we may advise you.

As a charity can you help us with our direct mail campaign?

Yes. We have worked with many charitable orgainizations to make their campaigns cost effective.