New Postal Indicia

Canada Post has rolled out new Postal Indicia artwork for their Personalized Mail service. The new artwork reflects the new name (this was formerly known as Addressed Admail) and includes a 2D barcode.

The new artwork won’t be mandatory until March 2017, so you have a lot of time to use any existing stock you may have with the old artwork.

Please feel free to contact us if you want new Personalized Mail Indicia artwork with your specific customer number – we will be happy to make it for you!


Personalized Mail S/L Postal Indicia

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Happy New Year from Aristos!

The new year is upon us and we are gearing up for another exciting year of direct marketing! Here’s what’s new and coming up in 2016:

Canada Post rates change on Monday, January 11 – check out the updated price sheets on our Postal Rates page. Just as a reminder:

  • Neighbourhood Mail (formerly Unaddressed Admail) rates have not increased.
  • Personalized Mail (formerly Addressed Admail) can save you 54% over the cost of a postage stamp on a standard size piece.
  • Publications Mail now has a machineable option to save you even more on postage when designed appropriately. Call us to take advantage!

Canada Post has rebranded their Direct Mail services under the new Smartmail Marketing banner, including the Expert Partner Program. You may have seen the new logo below in our emails and elsewhere on our website.

As always we are ready to help you with your mailing needs. Call us today and get your 2016 marketing campaign off to the right start!


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Canada Post Service and Price Changes for 2016

We have updated our Postal Rates page with links to the new rates effective January 11, 2016. Some highlights include:

  • Name changes! Addressed Admail is now Personalized Mail and Unaddressed Mail is now Neighbourhood Mail. The names better reflect the intent and possibilities of the services.
  • Publications Mail has joined the Machineable revolution! If your publication meets Machineable standards, your postage costs will actually be reduced next year with rates starting at 46 cents.
  • Neighbourhood Mail is not increasing! Rates will stay the same for 2016 as Canada Post’s holiday gift for your advertising budget.
  • A commitment to cutting red tape! Canada Post has been working behind the scenes with Expert Partners including us across Canada to streamline their rules and regulations. Design documents across all categories are being simplified on an ongoing basis to make your campaigns easier to design and implement.

The holiday rush has begun in our shop and spaces are being booked up. Call us today to plan your holiday mailing, get ready for 2016, or just to chat – we’d love to hear from you!

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New Unaddressed Admail Volume Discounts

Canada Post has reorganised their Venture One program and change the name to Solutions for Small Business. As part of this new program, a new discount structure has been added for Unaddressed Admail.

Canada Post will now track your volumes on a quarterly basis, and automatically apply increasing discounts when you pass certain thresholds. You don’t need to do anything but send out Unaddressed Admail to benefit. You even start with a 5% discount just for being a customer! Even better, once you’ve reached a higher discount level it will be locked in for 12 months.

These discounts make being a Small Business customer much more attractive, and represent a great savings without needing to commit to the large yearly volumes of a contract rate.

Here is how it breaks down for a standard size Unaddressed piece:

Single Piece Rate        15.8¢
5% Discount                 15.0¢            0 to 35,000 pieces in a 12 month period
10% Discount               14.2¢            35,001 to 60,000 pieces in a 12 month period
15% Discount               13.4¢            More than 60,000 pieces in a 12 month period

All you need to access these savings is a Canada Post account number. If you don’t already have one, call us today at 250-384-7678 and, as an Expert Partner with Canada Post, we can get you one in 5 minutes.

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What has happened to postage prices?

On January 12, 2015 Canada Post implemented their annual price changes. This year, similar to last year, prices have stayed the same, gone up, and gone down!

The pricing structure has been simplified this year so we should be able to give more accurate quotes on postage.

If you are buying a single stamp for a letter weighing under 30 grams the price is $1.00. If you buy a packet of stamps the price is 85¢ each. Both of these prices are exactly the same as 2014. Paying by postal indicia or by postage meter is now 77¢ – still a significant savings!

Addressed Admail (promotional) mailing pieces have increased but still represent savings of 41.6% up to 73.2% when compared to Lettermail.

Unaddressed Admail has increased 2.6% but we can help you access additional savings.

Publication Mail, Business Reply Mail, and International Incentive Letterpost rates have all increased.

As always give us a call before you design your mailing campaign so that we can assist you in making sure it is the most cost effective and complies with the various Canada Post rules.

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Happy Holidays from Aristos!

As we wind down towards the holidays all of us here at Aristos would like to wish you health and happiness throughout the festive season and a joyous New Year.

We are on reduced hours but will be available December 24 until noon, all day on December 30, and December 31 until noon. Regular office hours will resume on January 5.

Big changes are coming in the New Year for Canada Post as they continue to streamline services to make Direct Mail faster and easier. When the rules and rates change on January 12, your direct mail rate could be less than it was in 2014! Give us a call and we can make sure you get the most value for your advertising dollar with a mailing that gets seen, gets opened, and helps drive customers and donors to your business.

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New Postage Rates for 2015

We have updated our Postal Rates page to include links to the new rates from Canada Post effective January 12, 2015. As always, feel free to call or email us if you have any questions about your mail.

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Canada Post is getting faster!

It’s true! On August 18, Canada Post is updating their delivery standards for Publications Mail and Addressed Admail. They are also updating the transportation time for Unaddressed Admail.

With the new standards, your mail should travel across Canada to major centres up to 6 business days faster than before, while maintaining the same quick local delivery.

You’ll be able to plan your advertising campaigns and newsletters better by having a clearer idea of when your piece will hit mailboxes.

Also, don’t forget that we are nearing the end of summer! If you are planning your back to school mailing, give us a call with any questions or just to book yourself in before the rush!

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Machineable Mail Standards Updated

New changes are in place for Machineable Mail for Standard Size pieces as of July 9, 2014.

Canada Post have their new equipment installed at all processing plants across the country, with Vancouver having opened this spring. The effect has been to relax the requirement for envelope and mail piece design.

There will now be fewer mandatory requirements and a new set of best practices for optimal processing, including:

  • fewer restrictions on where you can place graphics on the mail piece
  • less room reserved for the postage meter impression or indicia
  • a larger area for the destination address
  • more font choices for the destination address

As usual we are keeping up with all of the changes. Call us at 250-384-POST (7678) to help you with your mail piece design.

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Aristos Mail Tech is Growing!

We are proud to announce that Aristos Mail Tech Inc. acquired Northleaf Solutions in May. Northleaf are North Island direct mail specialists and we are eager to continue their great work and fantastic service moving forward. We have consolidated operations at our Victoria plant.

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