Lettermail (First Class) Postage Rates Increase Significantly

Today (March 31, 2014) Canada Post costs for Lettermail are increasing. In addition tiered pricing has been introduced. This means how you pay for postage now makes a difference to the price.

The changes affect rates to Canada, US, and International destinations. We will use as an example a standard envelope that weighs less than 30 grams sent to Canadian addresses.

1. If you purchase a single stamp the price will be $1.00
2. If you purchase a book or coil of Permanent (“P”) stamps the price will be 85¢
3. If you pay by postage meter impression or postal indicia the price will be 75¢

After the announcement of the increase Canada Post introduced temporary postal discounts for 2014. If you have a Venture One card you will be eligible for reduced pricing on bulk stamp purchases. Until December 31, 2014 when you buy 3 or more coils of 100 Permanent (“P”) stamps you will save 5% on your purchase. If you own a postage meter there will be a 5% discount on the first $5000 in postage that you spend between now and December 31, 2014. There is no information at present on how this will be credited back to meter owners.

In general all of the other Lettermail prices have gone up but there are just two categories of pricing: one if you put a stamp on the envelope and the other, cheaper alternative of metering the mail or using a postal indicia. We’ve posted links to the new price sheets at https://aristosmail.com/postal-rates.

To offset these increasses Canada Post has relaxed some of the rules allowing access to cheaper postage rates (see our blog post from March 26, 2014). We can help you access postage as low as 40¢.

These changes do not affect Addressed Admail, Unaddressed Admail, or Publications Mail as their price adjustments took place in January. When compared to Lettermail they are now even more of a cost savings!

If you want to save time/money when dealing with the post office give us a call and put our nearly 25 years of experience to use.

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