What has happened to postage prices?

On January 12, 2015 Canada Post implemented their annual price changes. This year, similar to last year, prices have stayed the same, gone up, and gone down!

The pricing structure has been simplified this year so we should be able to give more accurate quotes on postage.

If you are buying a single stamp for a letter weighing under 30 grams the price is $1.00. If you buy a packet of stamps the price is 85¢ each. Both of these prices are exactly the same as 2014. Paying by postal indicia or by postage meter is now 77¢ – still a significant savings!

Addressed Admail (promotional) mailing pieces have increased but still represent savings of 41.6% up to 73.2% when compared to Lettermail.

Unaddressed Admail has increased 2.6% but we can help you access additional savings.

Publication Mail, Business Reply Mail, and International Incentive Letterpost rates have all increased.

As always give us a call before you design your mailing campaign so that we can assist you in making sure it is the most cost effective and complies with the various Canada Post rules.

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