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How can we help you with your mailing?

There is no accurate way to generate an automated quote when all of the Canada Post requirements are considered. If you can describe your mailing in detail it will help us be prepared for our conversation. If you can tell us any or all of the following items we would be more prepared when we contact you:

  • do you want to mail an addressed piece or unaddressed?
  • do you have an address list and what format is it (Excel, text file…)?
  • what is the content of the piece (advertising, fundraising, promotional, magazine, subscription renewal….)?
  • when do you want to mail it?
  • if you are using an envelope, what are the dimensions?
  • if you are mailing a piece with no envelope please describe the size and number of pages?
  • what pieces would be involved in the mailing (number, size and fold requirements…)?
  • do you have a Canada Post customer number (7 digits) and any agreements (8 digits)?

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