Supply Chain Issues and How They Affect Your Mail

The print/mail system is not immune from disruption due to supply, transportation and pricing issues. Aristos has always tried to provide timely service but recently we are experiencing some unavoidable delays:


Paper stock is difficult to come by at the moment; if you need a particular type of paper it is best to let us or your printer know as soon as possible.

Envelope stock is also affected by the paper shortage. Non-standard envelopes are difficult, if not impossible, to source at the moment as the industry focuses on keeping standard size envelopes in stock.


Shipping backlogs can result in delays even when material is in stock. We have experienced delays of up to 5 days for deliveries from Vancouver.

Canada Post, like most businesses, is also dealing with staffing issues which will affect the time it takes mail to reach its destination.


The price of stock is fluctuating heavily so quotes we receive from our suppliers may only be accurate for 7 days.

If you are contemplating a mailing, plan ahead to allow time to source printing and materials and get the mail to your customers ahead of important dates. Understanding and allowing for these delays will help you avoid frustration and continue to get the most out of your direct mail.

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