Holiday Mailing Schedule 2019

It is that time of year again and if you want to send mail for the holidays Canada Post has deadlines.  We’ve reproduced their dates below.

Note that Canada Post isn’t guaranteeing their normal service turnaround due to heavy volumes at this time of year so the sooner you ship the more likely your letter/card/package will arrive on time.

“The on-time service performance guarantee for Priority, Xpresspost and Expedited Parcel items shipped from November 11, 2019 through to January 12, 2020 inclusive, is being modified.  Claims will only be considered for payment if the item is delivered two or more days after the published delivery standards”

Canada Priority Xpresspost Regular Parcel
Every province 23 Dec 20 Dec 11 Dec
Every state 19 Dec 10 Dec 10 Dec
Priority Xpresspost Air Surface
Worldwide International Parcels/Packets Parcels/Packets
Europe 18 Dec 9 Dec 3 Dec 26 Oct
Asia/Australia/New Zealand 17 Dec 6 Dec 3 Dec 1 Oct
Central and South America 18 Dec 6 Dec 3 Dec 15 Oct
Africa 13 Dec 3 Dec 26 Nov 1 Oct
Middle East 13 Dec 6 Dec 3 Dec 1 Oct
Holiday Cards
Within a city 20 Dec
Within a province 19 Dec
Across provinces 18 Dec
Every state 9 Dec
Europe 2 Dec
New Zealand
2 Dec
Central and South America 2 Dec
Africa 25 Nov
Middle East 2 Dec
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