Postal Rates

There are a variety of postal rates available from Canada Post. Prices vary based on the content (e.g.: invoice, newsletter, advertising) and format (envelope, self-mailer, polybag, etc.). These links will give you an indication of prices but we strongly encourage you to call us as the regulations for the various categories can be a minefield. We spend all day every day working with the rules and can quickly advise you on designing your campaign to maximize your postage savings.

Lettermail (First Class)

effective January 16, 2017

USA and International
effective January 16, 2017

Personalized Mail (formerly Addressed Admail)
(promotional material over 500 pieces in Canada)

effective January 16, 2017

Publications Mail
(newsletters, magazines over 50 pieces in Canada)
effective January 16, 2017

Neighbourhood Mail (formerly Unaddressed Admail)*
(variety of formats to a geographic area in Canada)
effective January 16, 2017

* note that there are discounts available for those that are able to commit to mailing more than 100,000 pieces per year.

Business Reply Mail
(allows mail to be returned to you in a special envelope at your cost)
effective January 16, 2017